You can take a pic in front of this new Instagram wall — but only if you have at least 20K followers

One of the best opportunities for a truly fire Instagram post is when you come across a gorgeous wall in the wild that is just begging to be your next selfie backdrop. But what if there were rules about whether or not you could pose in front of it in the first place? That’s happening in California, and it truly sounds like something straight out of an episode of Black Mirror. 

As Vice writer Justin Caffier pointed out on Twitter on Monday, a new mural just popped up in Los Angeles, and it’s already raising a lot of eyebrows.

The mural itself is pretty cute — it’s blue with a pink heart that features a large pair of wings along with that notorious blue “verified” checkmark in the background. You can’t see it from the street, though, because it’s hidden by a white tent and protected by a security guard, so it’s obviously meant to be very exclusive. How exclusive?

According to a sign placed near the wall, photos are for “verified influencers and people with 20,000 followers only,” and interested people are being directed to show the guard proof to get access to it.

See for yourself:

In another tweet, Caffier shared that the wall is located at 7736 Melrose Ave., and the private mural will be up until Wednesday, June 27th. What happens then? We aren’t sure, but considering what an uproar this is causing, it’s probably for the best that it’s a limited-time-only thing.

As for who set the mural up, it seems to be a group called Like and Subscribe. Earlier this week, they announced that their project would debut soon:

And later, they voiced their disappointment that some people were getting upset about the mural, to which we say, duh — it’s not exactly fun to be left out of anything, even being able to take a photo near a mural.

At this point, it’s not clear whether this is just a social experiment or if it could be the start of a new kind of internet culture, but we seriously hope that it helps people realize how unnecessary this kind of exclusivity is. After all, aren’t pretty walls way more fun when all your friends can join in on the picture?

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