This infinity pool at a Swiss hotel has gone viral because it’s absolutely breathtaking

So, who’s down for a pool party? Yeah, we know summer crept out of here and shouted “DEUCES!” over its shoulder a few weeks back, but this Swiss hotel’s breathtaking infinity pool is just begging us to book a flight and woosah in its watery wonderfulness. But we’re not the only ones: According to Lonely Planet, travel blogger Fabi Gama shared a video of Hotel Villa Honegg’s luxurious infinity pool and not only has it gone viral, the mountainside resort has basically been overwhelmed with requests from eager would-be guests who can’t wait to take a scenic swim.

Located Ennetburgen, Switzerland, the five-star establishment’s infinity pool overlooks Lake Lucerne and also boasts a built-in jacuzzi. Stare into the surface of this pool and try not to fall under its spell:

These fab poolside photos give off some major FOMO vibes:

One look at those #views and we totally forgot all about how gross pools are. At this point, who cares? All we know is this pool and its surroundings are stunning and we want in.

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