Disneyland now has a whirling, fizzy drink that was made for Instagram

Pixar Pier has officially opened inside Disney’s California Adventure, and it not only features the long-awaited Incredibles attraction, the Incredicoaster, but also our new favorite beverage. The newly opened waterfront park includes attractions like Jessie’s Critter Carousel, Pixar Pal-A-Round ferris wheel, and a host of neighborhoods inspired by Pixar films — leaving fans feeling like they’ve just stepped into the legendary animation studio’s version of heaven.

But everyone knows that Disney Parks restaurants are also attractions in and of themselves, and Lamplight Lounge is no exception. The restaurant, which overlooks the beautiful Paradise Bay, is riddled with Pixar-themed decor, food, and drinks — one of which, we can’t stop buzzing about.

One of our favorite new beverages from the Lamplight Lounge is the Toy Story-inspired Infinity Fizz drink. But not only is the drink itself — which is made up of Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, apple juice, and cherry pearls — out of this world, it also uses dry ice to keep it fizzy, which makes it the Instagram drink of summer.

It’s literally “to infinity…and beyond!” in drink form:

The mesmerizing drink is also non-alcoholic, meaning Toy Story fans of all ages can try — and Boomerang — Infinity Fizz. Fans seriously can’t get enough of the bubbly mocktail, which costs $7.

And can you really blame them?

The new two-story Lamplight Lounge features a dining level on the first floor, for those looking for heartier meals — including, yes, Ratatouille (NOT THE RAT ITSELF) — while the upstairs lounge area is the perfect space to enjoy a mocktail (or cocktail) and some light, shareable snacks.

However, if Infinity Fizz is not exactly your mocktail of choice, it’s only one of many delightful Pixar-inspired non-alcoholic beverages making their debut at Lamplight Lounge.

Disney lovers, hop on the highway head over to Pixar Pier ASAP. Your Instagram followers need this.