Infinite Sunset is the time waster of our dreams

Sometimes you just want to stare at a beautiful sunset, but it’s only 3PM, bummer times. Or the sun IS setting but it’s overcast and you can’t see any of the prettiness, more bummer times.

Meet Infinite Sunset a website that searches public Instagram photos, finds snaps that were recently shot and tagged with #sunset, and plays a neverending slideshow of sunsets for you. Every fifteen seconds, there’s a new sunset-y picture, #dreams





After letting the site play for a while, I noticed that a few Instagram users have a pretty loose definition of the hashtag sunset. Like, if I was going to #sunset a snap, I would make sure a.) there was a sun in the picture, b.) it was actually setting, and c.) the colors of the sky were Crayola-y enough to merit a #sunset (and an Instagram post in the first place).


That said, this site is mesmerizing as all get out. It’s really beautiful watching sunsets play out all around the world. So drink up those Instagram sunsets, because it’s 5:00 somewhere (or 5:37PM, or whenever the sun is scheduled to set where you are).





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