This infant is miraculously unharmed after a car crash ended with her stuck in a storm drain, so here is your much-needed good news for the day

A 8-month-old baby is alive and unhurt after being ejected in a car crash and landing in a storm drain, making us a bit more inclined to believe in miracles.

An 18-wheeler clipped a family of five’s car as they drove along the highway in Texarkana, Arkansas, according the KSLA News 12. The car flipped and 8-month-old Bryce was ejected from the vehicle.

After realizing she was missing, the family began frantically searching for her, eventually finding her sitting in the storm drain after hearing “human-sounding noises” coming from underground.

"The 8-month-old was actually sitting down in the grate, sitting up and looking up at us, waiting for us to pull her out," said Texarkana firefighter Josh Moore, who responded to the crash. "She wasn't screaming, she wasn't crying, she was just sitting there waiting for us," Moore added.

Medical teams took the family to the hospital, but authorities say baby Bryce didn’t suffer so much as a scratch. Officials believe she rolled down the hill and fell gently into the grate.

To quote a certain favorite Netflix Original Series: Females are strong as hell.