This indie fave might be reuniting for a brand new record

If you haven’t thought about the band Vampire Weekend in a minute, that makes sense. It’s been three years since the band last released an album (2013’s Modern Vampires in the City), though it sure feels like it’s been longer.

But after a brief hiatus, it looks like the band’s readying a new release in 2017.

To be clear, band frontman Ezra Koenig mentioned a forthcoming (and fourth coming, heh) Vampire Weekend album in interviews as far back as January of this year. But in between original band member Rostam Batmanglij departing and the remaining band members’ many side projects, it wasn’t clear what that fourth album timeline was.

To be fair, the information on VW4 isn’t coming from a press interview or another “traditional” album announcement. Rather, it’s from the news that Vampire Weekend is considering jumping to a major record label. The band’s had the cultural and commercial clout to make the switch a long time ago, but they’re only now taking that step. What makes now the right time? Perhaps that’ll be the subject of forthcoming press.

Batmanglij, who works as a producer and performs as Rostam, will remain involved with Vampire Weekend. Though it seems unlikely that the band will pull a surprise release, we’ll keep our ears to the ground. In the meantime, take a trip back to 2008: