From butt sheet masks to alluring eyeshadow palettes, these 15 indie beauty brands have worked their way into our hearts

It’s no secret that the beauty industry is rapidly changing. Long gone are the days when you were restricted to the few household brand names everyone used (aka the only brands accessible to you). Now, the average person has the opportunity to come up with a genius beauty idea, market it, and sell it on their own. As a consumer, that gives us even more options for our beauty needs. And there’s something gratifying about discovering an amazing small brand before they blow up.  I, for one, get a kick out of that.

Indie beauty brands are growing so rapidly. That’s partly because of social media (like everything else on the internet), but also because people who once were consumers now have a better chance of creating the brands and products that they’d wished existed—and succeeding at it. This summer, HelloGiggles attended the 2019 Indie Beauty Expo in NYC, a massive exploration of indie beauty brands that are on the rise this year. Unfortunately, this event wasn’t open to the public, but we came back with all the details to share with you. And did we have a blast discovering all of these fantastic small-but-mighty brands.

With over 240 brands present at the 2019 Indie Beauty Expo, this is just a shortlist of the brands and products that we’re adding to our fall shopping list.

1ACE Beaute


Since its launch in 2016 selling only false lashes, Ace Beaute has been making a splash among makeup lovers. The brand, which has been featured in beauty subscription service BOXYCHARM, has slowly expanded into new categories including brushes and very pigmented eyeshadow palettes. The brand’s latest addition to its eyeshadow family is the Oceanic Eyeshadow palette, and yes, of course, the shades blue us away.



If you’re all about natural ingredients that you can trust in your skin care, look no more. From its Organic Rose Water Toner to the Rose Makeup Removing Balm, all of the ingredients in InstaNatural’s line of products are effective and derived from natural ingredients. A great product to try from InstaNatural is the Rose Makeup Removing Balm—quite frankly, it’s the balm diggity.



A new mirror is a perfect way to refresh your vanity for the fall. RIKI LOVES RIKI is slowly but surely becoming a leader in the world of beauty technology. Whether you’re an aspiring beauty guru or love watching your faves in action, The RIKI LOVES RIKI Skinny mirror gives a ton of bang for your buck. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth to take selfies or record videos—and of course, follow YouTube video tutorials.



We all know how important self-care is. However, we all struggle to find the time to unplug. If you can relate, Popmask has made something with you in mind. If you need to catch some Z’s between flights or if you’re fighting to go to bed at a decent hour,  these self-heating eye masks are a match made heaven. Just apply the masks and be amazed as they heat within 30 seconds. The heat will soothe tired eyes, allowing you to get the rest that you needed effortlessly. We’ll take a million of these, please!

5Absolute NY


If you love makeup just as much as you love Korean skin care, Absolute NY should be on your radar. Not only is this brand super affordable, but they also carry products that get the job done and then some. One of the newest launches from the brand, the Make Me Feel Rosy Facial Mist, is a multitasking spray that can be used with makeup or on bare skin. In other words, add this to your fall shopping list.,



Your butt may not need a thorough skin regime, however, showing it a ‘lil TLC isn’t a bad idea. Bikini season is coming to a close, but you can still take the time to get your bum looking its best. Bawdy‘s collection with Sephora targets various concerns from uneven texture to loss of elasticity. And, as you can see, these butt masks feature the most irresistible designs you’ve ever seen from a sheet mask.

7Dr. Natural


This brand’s name pretty much speaks for itself. We’ve all have heard about the wonders of natural castile soap. Dr. Natural doesn’t require you to dilute it or remember water to soap ratios.  This all-purpose castile soap can be used as shampoo, face wash, and more—straight from the bottle.



Made by women for women, this line of skin care products consists of responsibly sourced and naturally derived ingredients. Created by grandmother-grand daughter duo, Kathryn and Natalia, Herla’s products were inspired by the beauty secrets of women across the world. You can even get information on individual ingredients right on the brand’s website.

Herla’s amazing Damask Rose line is made with a vitamin C and A rich rose oil hailing from France. This micellar water from the line smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling as smooth as the finest of rose petals.

9Lashes In A Box


Created by former model Jayne Chen, Lashes in a Box was created with the vision of bringing better quality and ethically sourced lashes to everyone at reasonable prices. With varying styles offering 5-8 wears per lash, they’re an absolute steal for the price. One of the best things about Lashes in a Box is the lash palettes that allow you to stay fully stocked on your favorite style of lashes. This is especially important if you work as a makeup artist or are a lash fantastic. My favorite style of choice is the style N32.



In addition to offering certified cruelty-free products, REALHER is an empowering brand that encourages women to live life as their authentic selves. Each product has a power statement written all over it, almost like a mantra to help you manifest your best self. A personal fave of ours is the Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade “I Am Fabulous”—an enticing deep plum shade that is perfect for the fall.

11Scotch Porter


Men are included in this wave of indie beauty—behold, a collection of products to help the guy in your life reach his fullest and thickest beard potential. Whether he’s a 365 days a year beard sporter or just for the fall/winter, the Scotch Porter Ultimate Beard Collection set has everything he needs to cleanse, condition, and care for his beard.

12Bra In A Box


Raise your hand if you’re not a huge fan of wearing bras (me!). These innovative silicone nipple pads (Nipcos) are just what you need in your life. Bra In A Box makes its Nipcos in two shades along with the perfect formfitting storage box. If you’ve used nipple pads before, you know how easy it is to destroy them or worse. Additionally, Bra In A Box has a subscription service made with you in mind.



Gabriel, founded by Gabriel De Santino and inspired by his grandmother’s holistic practices, offers a full line of homeopathic skin care. However, its affordable bold nail polishes stand out amongst the crowd. If you’re looking to add some 10-free nail polishes to your fall collection, Gabriel’s Disco Mood collection should be on your radar. The shade above is Stardust from that collection.

14La Flore


Probiotics are all the rage for gut health, but they’re also slowly but surely working their way into skin care. According to dermatologists, probiotics are key for targeting skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. That’s why the probiotic cleanser from La Flore is the perfect addition to your skin care regimen. This gentle exfoliating cleanser will help restore and maintain the health of your skin.

15Satya & Sage


I think it’s safe to say that self-care is a significant part of your beauty regimen. If you love a self-care care day full of pampering, lighting a Satya & Sage candle or adding its mood-lifting essential oil blend to a diffuser is the perfect way to top it off.

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