Indie artists who really deserve a little more love

Recently I moved into a house with four other girls, and I have to tell you, it’s been a blast. We do a lot of fun bonding activities, like eating and Netflix, and we talk about a lot of feelings and play a lot of music. Recently we started doing this thing called “Random Music Thursdays,” where we sit sweatpant-clad in the living room and take turns playing our favorite songs. It has led to the discovery of some truly remarkable indie bands and artists that are definitely not getting the attention (and stalkers) they deserve. The following music will make you sing, dance, cry, and form debilitating lifelong attachments to beautiful people and their beautiful voices. Here are a few of my favorite recent discoveries.

Oh Honey

I found these guys when I was trolling through my Spotify “Discover” section, and I immediately fell head over heals. Their voices make me feel like I’m being wrapped in a fluffy blanket made of love and rainbows, and their lyrics make me feel all the feels. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Oh Honey (i.e. Mitchy Collins and Danielle Bouchard) are going places, fast. They’re currently on tour with the American Authors and are simply the best (and pretty adorable, too). If you like folk-pop songs with killer harmonies, this is the duo for you.

Jay Ollero

Jay was another Spotify find, and a darn good one if I do say so myself. His voice is incredibly soothing and his laid-back-beachy vibe is perfect for homework time or adventurous craft projects. I also recommend singing “I Won’t Cry” into a hairbrush and dancing around your room after a bad breakup. It does wonders for the soul.

Vance Joy

Alright, so aside from being completely dreamy, Vance Joy also has an amazing voice (and he’s Australian!). It doesn’t seem fair, does it? His metallicy-folksy vibe is perfect for writing poetry and staring out rain-spattered windows. He’s starting to get some more coverage on mainstream radio, and he totally deserves it. Warning: this music may cause swaying and enthusiastic foot tapping.


Ok, this lady can rock. I’ve been following Meiko for years and I still can’t understand why she isn’t a household name yet. Her vibe is very coffeehouse meets slow dancing in the rain, and her smooth alto tones make me want to sing along loudly with elaborate coordinated dance moves. If you need any more reasons to love her, her song “Stuck On You” is featured in a cat food commercial, and we all know how Gigglers feel about cats. Her new album, “Dear You,” is out now.

Angus and Julia Stone

Angus and Julia Stone have what can only be described as “heaven voices.” Their harmonies are impeccable and I have yet to hear a song of theirs that didn’t make me feel deep and beautiful things. While the brother and sister duo have both released solo records, they’re just better together. Angus and Julia are currently touring and have a new album, “Angus and Julia Stone (Deluxe).”

Rachel Platten

I love Rachel Platten more than words can express. She has helped me through some terribly tough times, and her newest release, “Fight Song,” was a huge motivator after my recent ankle surgery and the following periods of prolonged sobbing. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, stressed out, or scared for your future, Rachel is the girl for you.

 Us the Duo

By now you’ve probably seen their insanely touching wedding video (you should also check out their proposal video) and subsequent hit song “No Matter Where You Are,” but Us the Duo has so many other amazing songs that you really should be listening to. This married team has the sweetest love songs you’ve ever heard, and their covers are on point.

Hey Marseilles

This seven man band got their start at the University of Washington, where founders Nick Ward and Matt Bishop were attending school. Their orchestra sound is paired perfectly with enchanting lyrics, which give them a kind of casual elegance that suits any venue (although picnics are prime Hey Marseilles listening locations, in my opinion).

The Workday Release

The Workday Release is a solo pop/alternative concept (similar to Secondhand Serenade or Owl City) created by David Ottestad, who decided to release music under a pseudonym to help his fans avoid the complex task of pronouncing his last name. The simple lyrics and acoustic backdrop are wonderfully endearing, and many of his songs embody the feeling you get after a really good first date.

Daniela Andrade

Daniela Andrade is already a YouTube sensation for her killer covers, but her original songs are top notch and deserve your attention and admiration. If you like Norah Jones, you will love Daniela Andrade. Her sweet voice, hypnotic melodies, and soulful arrangements are the things dreams are made of.

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