An Indian bride walked out of her wedding when her groom failed to correctly answer a simple math problem

Remember being in math class and some smart-mouthed kid would always ask “Yeah, when are we ever going to need to know this IN REAL LIFE?”

Smart-mouthed kid, this story is for you.

In an Indian village this past Wednesday, a bride walked out on her own wedding when her husband-to-be failed to answer a simple math question.

The question: How much is 15 + 6?

His answer? 17.


Like many couples in India, this marriage had been arranged and the couple had only met briefly before their wedding day. Though the groom’s family tried to get the bride to return, The Huffington Post reports that the bride’s family backed their girl up on her decision:

“The groom’s family kept us in the dark about his poor education,” said Mohar Singh, the bride’s father. “Even a first grader can answer this.”

Good on this girl for knowing what she wants in a man and in a marriage. Remember, you are completely within your rights to make “the inability to perform basic arithmetic” a dealbreaker.

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