Indian Actress Mallika Sherawat Won’t Be Quiet About Women’s Rights

Several years ago, Indian actress Mallika Sherawat once said during an interview that she found India to be “regressive and depressing” – a completely valid opinion, and unfortunately most likely one based on experience, especially as a woman.

While most would understand and sympathize with her feelings, one local journalist at a recent press conference took issue with her Sherawat’s earlier statements, claiming that they portrayed India in a bad light internationally, but Sherawat was having none of it. Watch the video of her exchange below:

You have to admire Sherawat for her refusal to bow to the pressure to be quiet, and for her courage in not subscribing to the idea that to speak out against injustice is to be doing your country a disservice. The insistence on standing up and calling out these things is the first step to making a change, and Mallika is definitely to be applauded.

[H/T Buzzfeed]