The latest “Incredibles 2” trailer has Bob facing his greatest foe yet — math homework

Hope you’ve got your *new and improved and machine washable* super suit at the ready, because Disney and Pixar have just dropped the first extended look at Incredibles 2. Picking up 14 years after the first movie — though literally no one has aged a single day, not even baby Jack-Jack — our family of supers is back and better than ever. But this time, their mission isn’t all about just saving the world. Well, it’s still all about saving the world, but also keeping Jack-Jack from destroying the Parr house.

In a wonderful role reversal, Incredibles 2 has Helen — aka, Elastigirl — become the lady with a plan as she’s sent out to revive the forgotten supers of the world. The trailer has Elastigirl racing off through a waterfall curtain (!?) in what looks a secret lair on a pretty kickass superhero bike. It’s clear that once she’s reintroduced as a hero (duh, because she is) she’s treated like super royalty, lounging around in a cotton bathrobe in a fancy hotel, and honestly, get it girl.

However, this means that Bob — aka Mr. Incredible — is now at home with the kids, and taking care of Jack-Jack might be just as hard as stopping a runaway monorail. Kids are so much fun! And elementary school homework is really hard — and listen, it’s math homework, and math is stupid difficult. Let’s all agree that Bob is right when he yells, “WHY WOULD THEY CHANGE MATH?”

IDK Bob, IDK. That’s a question you’re going to have to take up with math.

The trailer also features everyone’s favorite character, Frozone. Oh, the trailer also features everyone’s favorite ride or die character, EDNA E. MODE, in a super judgmental mode and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s also nice to see that even after all this time, the Parrs have not added capes to their wardrobes.

Incredibles 2 flies into theaters on June 15th, 2018.