This incredible woman opened up about her late-term abortion, and it went viral for all the right reasons

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding abortions. And things only get even more confused when you start talking about late term abortions. Last night at the final presidential debate, Donald Trump criticized those who get late-term abortions. Trump said that if Hillary Clinton becomes the president, babies will be “ripped” from their parent’s wombs. But that’s not how late-term abortions actually work.


Instead of showing sympathy for those who have late-term abortions, Donald Trump perpetuated myths about abortions that only make it harder for pregnant people to get the healthcare that they deserve. And one woman is taking a stand. Following the debate, Alyson Draper opened up about her late term abortion on Facebook, and it quickly went viral. With 60k shares and nearly 50k likes, it’s a post that really hit hard for a lot of people, and it makes sense. The post is vulnerable and non-judgmental, and it really makes humanizes those who have abortions.

Draper wrote,

"I had to have a late term abortion. It was the worst moment in my life. What made it even worse was the State of Utah had made it illegal. I had one dead twin. The other had severe Spina Bifida, and would only have lived with life support, in great pain, for a few days."

It wasn’t an easy decision.

"I lay on the hospital floor, bawling hysterically, for twelve hours, waiting for an ethics committee of the health care corporation to decide my case justified what had to be done. My health was in danger due to the dead fetus. My husband and I consulted our LDS Bishop, who assured me I needed to do what I had to do, that it was even within LDS guidelines to do so. He reminded me I had six kids at home who needed their mother to live."


Contrary to what Trump said, she explained that the abortion was gentle.

"It was done very gently, by Caesarean section, leaving the babies in their amniotic sacs. The living baby passed very quickly."

She continued,

"No woman should have to have the state have a say in the most painful decision she will ever make. Nobody is tearing babies apart in late term. They are always humanely done, only in situations where there is a non-viable or severely defective fetus and/or the mother's health is at risk."

Finally, she begged,

"Please don't vote for a candidate or a party that would make these decisions for the women who will die or be forced to carry unviable fetuses to term. This is a decision that is so painful and so terrible. Only the parents of the baby and a physician should be involved in the decision."


And we’re cheering on this amazing woman for sharing her experience with late term abortion. She’s so brave, and we so appreciate her stepping forward to raise awareness of how late term abortions actually happen.

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