This incredible robot dog can clean your house

First, there was the robot that can deliver pizza. Now there’s a robot dog that can help you tackle your to-do list.

Enter SpotMini, a robotic dog created by Boston Dynamics, a subsidiary of Google’s holding company, Alphabet. The company has developed a number of robots, but SpotMini is the smallest and quietest, according to Citi FM Online.


The dog is designed to tactfully navigate through homes and pick up objects and can operate for 90-minutes straight between charges. It includes an articulating arm that can lift and hold fragile objects, including dishes.

Sound too good to be true? Check out this mesmerizing video of SpotMini in action. It even involves some interesting and vaguely creepy dance moves, which Digital Trends called “literally the stuff of nightmares.”

Digital Trends notes that even SpotMini isn’t impervious to failure, as the little guy trips on a banana peel at one point during the video.

“Like a moment pulled straight from Mario Kart 64, SpotMini completely loses its balance, tips sideways, and is down for the count,” Digital Trends writes. “It’s a shockingly inelegant moment, and for a hot second, it looks like the robot may have met its untimely end at the hands of a piece of fruit.”

However, SpotMini is programmed to handle this, and manages to right himself. Good robot dog! It’s not clear where exactly to pet you, but you definitely deserve one!

Boston Dynamics has also made a human robot, Atlas, but despite its success, Google is looking to possibly sell the company after the U.S. military rejected the robots, Citi FM Online reported. On the other hand, if robot dogs are the ones to rise and destroy the earth, it will be a pretty cute apocalypse.