These incredible NYFW looks from Marchesa give us modern Disney princess vibes

New York Fashion Week is one of the most important fashion events every year. Models strut the runway in fabulous gowns, incredible suits, stunning coats and pants that fit perfectly. We have been going crazy over all of the incredible styles we’ve seen so far, and the Marchesa show was no different. This show was an absolute fantasy of incredible gowns, and many of them reminded us of our favorite Disney princesses, updated for 2016.

With a quick “bibbity bobbity boo,” the Fairy Godmother turned this model into a modern Cinderella.


This incredible, sparkling light blue gown is definitely reminding us of the beautiful blue dress that Cinderella wore to the ball. This dress is modernized with more of a dusty blue than the baby blue that the Disney princess rocked, but the added sparkle on the edges of all the layers are what really give this look that magical vibe.

This golden dress would be perfect for an updated Belle to find her perfect Beast.


The beautiful golden pattern is definitely a tale as old as time. We love how the pattern of the skirt feels like it reflects the rose in Beauty and the Beast that is ticking down the time that the Beast has to find true love. We also love the modern, off-the-shoulder look with the loose sleeves that are effortlessly chic. We could definitely see ourselves dancing under that beautiful chandelier in this gown.

This stunning dress will definitely make a prince wake the Princess Aurora from her slumber.


If you remember the adorable part of Sleeping Beauty, where the fairies get in an argument over what color Aurora’s dress should be, and it ends up both pink and blue — this dress looks like that combo of colors done so fabulously right. We love that the full, ballgown silhouette of the dress is created by the texture of the fabric, which gives a traditional style a much more modern feel. This dress would absolutely stun even the pickiest of Prince Charmings, and it would be perfect for walking once upon a dream.

This dress updates the fairy look so spectacularly that Tinkerbell will be the star of the show.


While we have always loved Tink’s ultra mini green dress, this ethereal fabric is the update she’s been looking for. This incredible sheer fabric with its textured edges is pure fairy dust, and it makes us want to fly to Neverland.

And if the mood gets a little darker, this villainous dress is totally modern Maleficent.


There’s no doubt that Maleficent would be the fairest of them all in this darkly dramatic but romantic look. The ebony plume in the middle gives us fabulous villainous queen vibes, and we could totally see this girl ruling from inside her dark castle. And you said only the princesses could look gorgeous? We think Maleficent deserves a modern gown just as much.

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