This new platform is empowering Brazilian women to take care of each other

A new project in Brazil is seriously *so* empowering, and it’s making our #GirlPower dreams come true. What began as a campaign has now turned into a platform, and it’s seriously taken over in the best way.

According to GlobalVoices, the project, Mais Amor Entre Nós, or More Love Between Us, is a new way for Brazilian women to work together.

The platform connects Brazilian women, specifically black Brazilian women, and they offer each other services as well as conversation about important topics.

It’s literally a feminist dream. It’s collaborative AF, it’s thoughtful, and it’s a way of bonding and bettering each other together.


What began as a hashtag by Sueide Kintê has now connected thousands and thousands of women.

“If you are a woman and need help with some of the things listed below, I’ll do it for you for free, girl! I am available for an hour per day,” Kintê posted to Facebook. “I can take care of your child so that you can do something you need to do, I can teach you to swim, to ride a bicycle, to design your personal website…”

Her offerings went on and on, and it was about as lovely as it gets. Our hearts are so warm and fuzzy, and we’re so, so impressed.


The other offer? Conversation. “Or simply just listen to you,” Kintê ended the Facebook post that started the empowering movement.

The community has blossomed into a massive (as in 20k women!) group of black Brazilian women who work together to better themselves and their lives. It’s absolute magic, and we couldn’t be bigger fans.


Translations by GlobalVoices.

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