These incredible bike lights are going to make you want to stay riding all night

Fall is one of the best times to go bike riding — it’s not too hot, nor will your winter scarf get stuck in the gears. If you’re serious about riding a bike, you might be interested in this new product that’ll make your ride a bit more… animated.

They’re called Monkey Lights, and the concept alone raised $220,293 on Kickstarter a few years back. That’s definitely a fully funded, fully supported product.

Judging by this video alone, it’s easy to see why so many people were intrigued.

All you need to do is pedal, and hologram-esque images will appear! One bummer? The full Pro package from MonkeyLectric is pretty expensive. Like, “sole Christmas present from a combined amount of people” expensive. But individual lights seem to be much more affordable.

The bonus is that they make your nighttime ride a lot safer. There’s no way you won’t be visible with a set of Monkey Lights — even if the weather isn’t too great. If you ride, you know things can often get dicey at night.


So, uh. How does it work? Well, each kit consists of 4 LED light strips that connect to the hub and spokes. The system itself keeps track of the bike’s speed and rotation, and the animation will kick in anywhere between 10 and 40 miles per hour — so, it’s not just for marathon riders, but those of you who depend on your bike for leisurely rides alone might not get much out of it.

It’s also a way to show off some insanely cool artwork. Over ten artists compiled a bunch of animations for the Monkey Light Pro set — and all of them are pre-loaded into the system.

Worth buying? Most definitely. They’re a fun way to express yourself while getting some fresh air!