Inconveniently Interviewing, phenomenally talented, Wyclef Jean in his home!

For this weeks Inconvenient Interview, I break into the home of the amazingly talented Wyclef Jean. After I make up my trespassing by doing his dishes, we head upstairs to his studio to jam, do handstands, and have a pretty awesome rap exchange. Don’t worry, there was definitely some interviewing going on as well.

Before he begins his international tour this summer, Wyclef will be headlining at this year’s SxSW. Be sure to check out his recently released first single “Divine Sorrow“, a collaboration with Avicii (super Swedish producer and DJ), from his new album Clefication. The song is part of the Share the Sound of an AIDS Free Generation campaign created by Coca-Cola in partnership with the AIDS organization (RED).

Follow Wyclef Jean online:

Twitter: @wyclef * Instagram: @wyclefjean * Facebook: Wyclef

Thank you to the amazing ladies who hooked up my look:

Wardrobe by the amazing Stacy Igel Founder/Creative Director/Fashion Designer | Boy Meets Girl® / IG: @boymeetsgirlusa

Makeup by Sarah Graalman IG: @sarahstaines

Thanks, and see you next time on Inconvenient Interviews w/Risa!!

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