Inconveniently Interviewing Designers at NY Fashion Week

I had such a fun and glamorous time exploring NY Fashion Week! I’d never experienced it before and always saw it as very exclusive, reserved only for models and celebs. What I found as I went to some parties and talked to a few designers, is that these people were just really excited to show the gorgeous pieces they had created! I felt the way I IMAGINE a princess would feel.

At the events I attended, I forced myself to wear heels (so as not to shame the designers who so kindly lent me dresses) and also learned the proper way to pose on a red carpet (one hand on hip, one foot in front of the other foot, who knew?). It was truly so much fun! These are some pictures I snapped as I made my fashion rounds. The designers vary in styles and pricing, I hope there is something for everyone here (even brides to be)!

Check out my interview with Don O’Neill of Theia and Stacy Igel of Boy Meets Girl® x Roman Luxe and watch for me rocking some of Alexandra Grecco’s insanely gorgeous dresses in some other upcoming interviews!

Jewelry by @romanluxe

Skincare Products by Simple Skincare

Hair by @christofifthave

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