The “Inception” donut has arrived and we’re not worthy

Finally, we have the perfect food to snack on while we debate whether or not the end of Inception was a dream or reality! This beautiful and decadent donut piles donuts on donuts on donuts for a mind-blowingly delicious taste.

Well, to be specific, it’s a beautiful raspberry filled donut that has three mini sugar cookies (of course shaped like donuts), which are topped with cheerios (obviously glazed to look like donuts themselves). The variety of tastes and textures actually makes this mind-bending treat even more appealing.

According to BuzzFeed, the donut was invented by chef Adam Soebel at The Cinnamon Snail who had literally just watched the movie Inception and had a stroke of brilliance when he decided to add dream within a dream idea to create a oh-so delicious result.

Unfortunately, the treat was only available for a limited time and only in New York City. It doesn’t yet have a date set to make its grand comeback, but there’s at least talk of it possibly returning for National Donut Day (which is next week, in case you didn’t know — which we did). If that goes well, one can only possibly hope that they’ll continue to exist so we can snag them anytime (even if it means making a special trip to the Big Apple for a bit of this big taste).

Which would be amazing because I mean look at this:

Knowing that something this incredible existed but only seeing it in pictures totally makes us wonder… did any of it even ever happen? Is any of it even real? Will the top continue spinning and why, oh why, didn’t we snag one of these when we got the chance?