In the Wake of Tragedy

In years that have passed, I firmly believed that if you wanted to put life into perspective, go stand on the shore and see two powerful entities coexisting. The little things stopped mattering. Your problems went away. That all changed this year after Hurricane Sandy. No longer did I see any peace. The emptiness where comfort once stood in my mind was quickly replaced in the wake of this natural disaster. Not by any force as large as the earth or sea, but by something much smaller. This small force is not tangible by any means, but it can be felt. Hurricane Sandy did bring pain and damage to places we held close to heart; More than that, it brought forth kindness.

The tragedy in Newtown brings about this same kindness towards the families of Sandy Hook. While no monetary amount can compensate their losses, there is comfort in kindness. There is comfort in knowing that the spirit of those we have lost lives on through acts around Connecticut, country, and world. Any act of kindness, be it a donation or just holding a door, reminds us that there is good. We learn to be kind as children but as we grow, it may find its way to a back burner. In a world that places emphasis on self interest, it is easy to get caught up in our own needs. Take a lesson from childhood lessons and make looking out for one another a priority once more. What better way to keep the spirit of these children alive than to keep alive their kindness?

I am unsure who this will effect or who will put these words into action, but leap at any opportunity to help someone. Restore faith in others that the kindness we learned as children still is present in us all. In return, the same will be done for you. I urge you not to do this just in the wake of tragedy, but to keep this mentality always. Do not let this end up on the back burner once more. Individuals and their kind spirit, while small in comparison to the forces we are up against, can work together to defeat any pain. The more focus you give to this spirit, the stronger it will become. It starts small; Smile at someone, hold a door, buy a coffee. Be present in the moment and suddenly, there are endless opportunities. It will gain momentum in your life and in the lives of those around you. What I am really saying is: please know that the little things count.

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