In the Pursuit of Understanding and Involvement of a New Generation

Moving onward in my career as an author, I have made the conscious decision to dedicate the bulk of my life and subsequent works to the causes and campaigns of agencies such as the United NationsAmnesty International, and the International Labour Organization.

I claim not to know all about the what goes on in the world but I have, for the better part of a decade, listened and learned as my friends who service the aforementioned agencies have spoken. I have read and watched videos of both, inspiring and frightening events in parts of the world many of us can barely pronounce much less know exist.

I have been affected by the eyes of children fighting wars, defeated by hunger and lying dead amongst the rubble and I have been forever changed.

Most articles about such heavy-hitting, worldly topics are lengthy and utilize words and phrases that seem to engage an automatic snooze button in this society of microwaveable information.

And I get that.

So, as I begin my work with my friends at the UN, the ILO, Amnesty and so on, I will do what I do best.

I will write. 

And, as I relay the information I am given, the things I learn and see during my time spent within the organizations and the travels that will ensue,  I will do my very best to relay it all in a language you can understand.

Because I want you to understand. 

I want you to get involved, to help change the world, to put as much energy in saving atleast the life of one child as you do in Keeping Up with the Kardashians or tuning in to the latest squabble on frigging New Jersey Housewives. I want you to be aware of what’s going on in the world and how all of it — every bit of it — affects you.

I want you to stand for something. 

I want to stand for something.

So, please, tune in as I begin to share this next chapter of my life with you, as I share with you the causes and campaigns that concern us all, my views on such, and how you can get involved, too.

Stay tuned as I write in the pursuit of understanding and involvement of a new generation.

And thanks.