In-N-Out tacos and other super secret menu items that are sadly for employees only

We all know about protein-style hamburgers and animal style fries, so yeah, The In-N-Out secret menu may be well known, but those who are new to it, it can be life-changing.

But Thrillist was able to dig up some deeper secrets on the hush-hush In-N-Out menu that we didn’t even know existed.

Thrillist interviewed a woman named Kathy who worked for the burger chain for 12 years. Her experience gave her some valuable insight, including what never to order, as well as a familiarity with the “real secret menu.”

Kathy informed Thrillist that “every In-N-Out location has an actual secret item only the staff gets to eat.”

“Some stores will cut potatoes long-ways and will make [fancy French fries] called mojo,” Kathy said.

The staff also improvises meals for themselves, coming up with new-fandangled burgers with special toppings.

But, here’s the super-secret item that made our jaws drop: the In-N-Out taco.

“I worked the early shift with some co-workers who made bomb-ass tacos,” Kathy said. “They’d bring their own taco shells in. We had lettuce, tomatoes, and beef in the store. They’d create a pico de gallo with the onions, chilies, and tomatoes, too.” Um. DUH. Why is this not on the REAL MENU?!! Taco shells cost nothing, and they’ve got the rest of the ingredients ready to go.

However, that’s a secret available only to staff. Here’s a few you can use:

The fry-well.

Order your animal style fries “fry-well.” That way they’ll be slightly overcooked and crispy, and won’t get soggy.

The whole grilled onion.

The double-single.

“It’s two burger patties, one slice of cheese, chopped chilies, chopped onions, and one tomato slice.” Kathy says. The bun is treated with a little mustard and some lemon juice. But, you’ll have to add the lemon juice by yourself at the condiment counter.

Sounds awesome and we’re definitely planning to order it next time we go. Which is immediately.