In Defense of The Pixie

I have some things to say. “Oh, great,” you are probably thinking. Don’t worry, you will like it. It is about a woman’s right to choose, though this particular argument has nothing to do with politics. This one is not about birth control, funny movies or rough family lives.

This time, I want to talk about short hair.

Recently in the news, there has been a whole bunch of reports surrounding the Pixie Cut. Pam Anderson did it (and looks incredible), Beyoncé did it, Jennifer Hudson did it and our best friend Jennifer Lawrence did it. I read an article the other day that lit a fire of rage inside of my body, for it was written by a man who, in all sincerity, explained why women should not cut their hair off.

It’s a funny thing, you know? Men believing that we care what they think.

The first time I cut my hair really short, my heart had just been broken into a million cliched pieces. Two bottles of pink wine and a sleepover with my hairdresser/soulmate resulted in the best decision I had made up until that point in my life.

Maybe that’s dramatic, but there is something about a haircut. There is something about starting over, trying new things, expressing yourself, breaking out of monotony that a haircut can offer. With every snip, I felt like I got rid of who I was when I was with my ex. And it felt incredible.

Later on, when we got back together, he told me he couldn’t stand to see me after that haircut because I looked so sassy and beautiful and it made him miss me. Mission accomplished. I mean, I did not do it for him, but I certainly won’t lie about feeling powerful hearing him lament his loss of me and that radical haircut.

I always joke that my hair represents my current emotional state, and though that is kind of true, I have reformed how I view my lovely, luscious locks. Men do not define my hairstyle, only I do. I don’t care if men are more or less attracted to me. I do not care if men think women with pixie cuts are less attractive than women with gorgeous, lengthy, thick hair. It should not matter to them, and it certainly should not matter to you.

I read a statistic about men preferring straight haired women to curly haired women. I admit that I have noticed an increase in male attention when my hair is straight, but I will also let you know–proudly–that I absolutely favor men who wrap my curls around their fingers when they kiss me. Real men like curls. Real men like short haired women, or long haired women, or women in general. Real men should support women. Regardless.

Mixing it up with your hairstyle is fun and important for growth, in my very biased opinion. Never let a man make you feel bad about that.

And if he suggests you need to lose ten pounds, kick him to the curb of your life.

It is outright disrespectful to speak on a woman’s haircut, especially if you are a man. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Jennifer Lawrence looks as perfect as she always has.

Pixies up!

Featured image via eonline, Pamela Anderson pixie cut image via abcnews.

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