In case you missed it, Eva Mendes has been busying herself as Creative Director of a super inclusive beauty company

It’s official: Eva Mendes is a total #GirlBoss, and she’s been *killing it* professionally. As we know from Ryan Gosling’s Golden Globes acceptance speech, Mendes has had a ton on her plate on the home front — but she’s also been busy taking her professional life to an entirely new level. As in Eva Mendes has her own clothes and beauty line, and we love basically everything about it.

Between having babies with Ryan Gosling and generally being nonsense levels of relatable (remember when she tried to fit into that old pair of jeans?), Eva is basically living our dream life. But we’re not jealous! We’re actually *so* proud of her, and always happy to see other amazing ladies getting ish done.

ICYMI, Eva Mendes spent much of the last year as the Creative Director of a super inclusive beauty company, and we couldn’t be more about it.

Her Circa Beauty line is exactly the inclusive future we wanna see for makeup. We’re cheering so hard!

As she explained to Elle,

"Growing up, I was from a very lower-middle class family, and I really got all my makeup and products from drugstores.

As a result, she wanted to create a drugstore makeup line that was affordable, high quality, and suited to a wide rage of skin colors. Obv, we’re *so* about this.

Meanwhile, Eva’s been designing lines and representing New York & Company, and her creations are so dreamy.

“We have size zero to 18, and that’s going up. We’ll be carrying size zero to 20,” she said in an interview with The Today Show about her line. “[It’s important to me]. Especially coming from a Latin family where we have so many diverse body types.”

Eva’s life is so busy, but so full. She seems so happy to be building her life on her terms, and we’re here for it.

How beautiful is she?! And accomplished as heck. Talk about #GirlPower!

You go, lady! We’re cheering you on, and we can’t wait to see what you do next! Thanks much for all the inspo.

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