If you’re in between plus and straight sizes, these jeans were made for you

Denim and I have a tortured past. From waist band gaps to fabric that loses it’s stretch after a few mere hours, its no wonder that my leggings collection has quadrupled while the denim section in my closet is all but gone. I take full responsibility, though. Clearly I’m the problem.

See, most jeans are made to scale from a fit model who I presume has a proportionate waist, hip, and butt. Such is not the case for yours truly. (Shout out to those of us who have a little extra squishiness here and there.)

If your curves are too poppin’ for straight sizes but plus doesn’t quite fit either, you can find yourself pretty left out when it comes to quality denim. Coco Cooper denim is made for the in-betweenies, aka those who wear sizes 8 to 14, in mind.

Though there’s still a lot of work to be done, great strides are being made in plus-size fashion. Since straight sizes are still considered the “norm,” there’s plenty of options there, but where does that leave anyone between straight and plus?

In honor of all the curvy in-betweeners out there, I decided to put their skinny jeans to the test.


As a leggings lover, I was most worried that my reintroduction to denim would cost me comfort. Nope, these babies are super soft, and check out the stretch.


The four-way stretch sculpts and lifts. No waistband gap, no showing off my ill-advised teenage tramp stamp. When you put these on you’re softly but snugly secure.

But could they last through dinner, drinks, and dancing?

Actually, yes. I wore them for a full meal at Raffi’s Place in Glendale. I devoured more than my fair share of kebobs but didn’t get one of those awful dents in my stomach from tight jeans that don’t know how to expand at the sight of fine Armenian food.

The rest of the night involved bar-hopping, climbing up and down bar stools, and guess what? Absolutely no wiggle dance to get the waistband back in place. (I reserved all awkward wiggling for the dance floor.)

It’s a huge leap from $3 leggings to $199 premium jeans but they performed so well I’m planning on grabbing a few pairs in different washes. Not just skinnies, their straight-legged and flares look pretty yummy, too.


These are the Coco Cooper Rayne Skinny Zip in Charcoal, which you can now get for $119 (on sale from $199), and this is my best effort at a belfie. If you’ve mastered the butt selfie, please come to my apartment and teach me your ways.

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