How Umami’s Impossible Burger made believers out of us all

We’ve known about Impossible Food’s “miracle patty,” the plant-based burger patty that “bleeds” to create an unbelievably delicious burger, for a while now. What we didn’t know was that all Umami Burger locations were going to start carrying their take on the mouthwatering, sustainable patty. When we found out this collaboration was happening, needless to say, we were intrigued.

Umami’s Impossible Burger looks, cooks, smells, and — most importantly — tastes like an awesome meaty burger should. Except it’s made from plants!


A plant-based patty is sustainable in a way that a beef patty isn’t, because this meatless wonder requires 95% less land, 74% less water, and 87% lower greenhouse gas emissions. Delicious and environmentally friendly, what more could you want?

But does it REALLY taste as delicious as a real beef burger? We put the HG office to the taste-test to see if the Impossible Burger is truly…possible.

Sade Deanne Akenzua, Associate Video Producer

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“I’ve tasted a lot of vegetarian burgers, and this burger was by far the BEST! Considering I haven’t eaten meat in over 9 years, this cheeseburger tasted just like how I remembered a burger tasting. From the smell and texture alone, it 100% resembled an actual cheeseburger. After I took a bite, I honestly didn’t believe I wasn’t eating meat. You NEED to try this burger, it’s so good!”

Rachel Sanoff, Features Editor

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“In the above gif of yours truly, wherein I bite into a freshly prepared Impossible Burger, you’ll see me mouthing the words, ‘OH, SHIT.’ That is because this vegetarian of six years experienced momentary panic — did I just bite into a massive patty of red meat?! That’s how crazy similar this delicious vegetarian burger is to an actual hamburger. It’s so juicy with an identical texture to red meat. Thousand Island spread, fresh veggies, and the fact that no animals were harmed only makes it better. I am low-key desperate to eat it again, and I hope that these kinds of culinary innovations help reluctant consumers reconsider the vegetarian lifestyle.”

Emily Popp, Deputy Editor

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“If I were wearing socks, they’d be clear across the floor — blown ALL the way off. That’s how shockingly delicious this burger tastes. What I love most about it is that it’s meatless, but it’s got this robust, hearty flavor that one hundred percent makes me think it’s meat. Most veggie burgers I’ve eaten have chunks of beets in them, or whole black beans…or sprouts sticking out. Which, is fine, but I definitely don’t feel like I’m eating a REAL burger. But this might be one of the most flavorful cheeseburgers I’ve ever had, meat and non-meat alike!”

Gabriela Herstik, Latina Culture Writer

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“This burger is the closest thing I’ve had to a real burger in over nine years. The cheese wasn’t overwhelming, the sauce was delicious and the meat tasted like meat! But not gross, cheap meat. 10/10 would recommend.”

Stephanie Kent, Social Media Director

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“All I have to say is that I forgot that was a meatless burger. I was nervous about eating something that looked so rich and fatty, but then I took a bite and felt so full and at peace. BLESS.”

Amy Scarlata, Social Media Producer

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“As a longtime vegetarian it’s the simple things I miss. I’m excited to have a super yummy burger option!”

Anna Gragert, Associate Editor

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“Audrey Hepburn once said, ‘Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible!”‘ I like to think that if the Impossible Burger could speak, it would shout that quotable phrase from the rooftops. I say that because, guys, it is damn good. I haven’t eaten meat in 12 years, but based on what I remember, I have to say that this burger is BETTER than your average burger. It’s juicy, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and it has all the fixings a girl can dream of. I wasn’t instructed to eat the whole thing, but I did anyway. And I’ll be back for more.”

Gretchen Cathcart, Editorial Video

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“I haven’t eaten beef since I was 12 so it was kind of strange to eat something that tasted so much like a burger, but not be meat at all. Part of the reason I stopped eating beef was because of it’s environmental impact, so it’s really cool to have a delicious alternative that is also sustainable.”

Bailey Benningfield, Associate Video Producer

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“I’ve been a vegetarian for a while now, but I accidentally ate chicken a few years ago that was mislabeled as tofu at a Chinese restaurant. Biting into this veggie burger felt kind of like that experience, except it actually is vegetarian! It was kind of weird, but in a really delicious way. Even the texture and juiciness somehow resembled meat. We’re truly living in the future.”

Christina Wolfgram, On-Camera Talent

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“Okay, what the heck black magic Halloween stunt is this? Am I being pranked? There is no way this is vegetarian. It tastes too much like delicious juicy meat! I feel…healthier? More alive, for sure. I want to this to be my new PMS treat.”