This “Impossible Burger” is the meatiest vegetarian thing you’ll ever eat

If you’ve recently gone vegetarian but you’re craving a beef pattie instead of the uninspired veggie burger or kale salad, things might just be working out in your favor.

Uproxx let us know that the “Impossible Burger” is a veggie burger so good that it might convert strict carnivores and give vegetarians something extra-special! If you thought the 10 vegan sandwiches to blow your mind was a big deal, or even the 12 delicious meatless recipes — this is a new level of ingenuity.

The Impossible Burger was conceived by a Stanford University biochemist named Dr. Pat Brown, and this meat-like veggie burger mimics the look, taste and texture of meat. We know what you’re thinking… how is that humanly possible?!

Well, with ingredients like coconut oil, textured wheat protein, water and potato protein that contain the “heme” compound, apparently it is possible.

There’s even an explanation on their website:

"Heme contributes to the characteristic color and taste of meat, and it catalyzes all the other flavors when meat is cooked. [...] We discovered how to take heme from plants and produce it using fermentation — similar to the method that’s been used to make Belgian beer for nearly a thousand years. Adding heme to the Impossible Burger makes it a carnivore’s delight."

via giphyUnfortunately, it’s not super easy to go out and grab an Impossible Burger. It’s not impossible exactly, but there are only four locations in the U.S. The lucky spots are San Francisco (they have two!), Los Angeles, and New York.

BRB, running to the nearest location, or maybe hopping on a plane! Desperate times call for desperate measures.