Twitter has a list of important statements for women to practice saying — including, “You interrupted me”

Women have had a stereotypical reputation of being “Chatty Cathys,” or the gender that sitcoms, comedians, and movies poise as never shutting up. But in reality, men actually do most of the talking, dominating 75% of the conversation in the workplace. Many different studies have indicated that women are interrupted more than men and, because of that, women choose to speak up less at work. But now, some on Twitter are combatting this by circulating a list of important statements for women that we should all get used to using.

Men speaking over women is such a common phenomenon that even The New York Times has written about it. For the record, though, most women already knew this. From politicians like Hillary Clinton interrupted during presidential debates to female scientists talked over by male moderators to everyday women like you and me, so many of us have been “manterrupted” throughout our lives. To make matters worse, studies have shown that the more men talk, the more they are perceived as competent. However, women are often excluded when we speak up. Don’t even get us started on the taking-your-idea-as-their-own phenomenon, the one where a woman will state an idea and a man will bring up the same idea, and be applauded for it by peers, later on.

After being ignored for so long, enough is enough.

Thanks to Twitter user @vegbby, women now have a list of phrases we can, and should, memorize when a man tries to prevent us from speaking up — whether they mean to or not. These phrases are direct, to the point, and remind those around us that we deserve to be heard, too.

Check out some of these important statements for women — and start practicing.

Women across Twitter, Chrissy Teigen included, began to realize how little we assert ourselves.

To be so upfront seems daunting. Women have been conditioned for so long to be overly polite or risk being seen as difficult or bitchy. However, standing up for ourselves allows us to be heard.

Men can also learn some helpful phrases from Twitter. There’s a list going around for men to practice as well, so we can all hear each other’s ideas and not get shutdown in the process. false

We can all do our part. Now, ladies, feel free to take the floor.