This important photo project celebrates black beauty in all its forms

If you don’t know what colorism is, it’s discrimination against people based on skin tone and the belief that those with lighter skin are somehow “better,” even among those in the same ethnic group. It is not synonymous with racism, and it’s an issue that affects people of color all over. This writer talked about how she found her own black girl magic on HelloGiggles before, even though colorism and racism are prevalent issues, and that’s a journey that’s so important and personal — which is why The Colored Girl Project (TCG) exists.

They want to redefine what beauty means for every black woman, regardless of skin tone, and do their part in reversing the negative and insidious effects of colorism.

With the help of photographer Joey Rosado, the campaign includes photos of 10 beautiful women, found via social media, who are all incredibly stunning. They all look different, and that’s the goal — to show that there’s no one way to be beautiful, as a black woman.

In an interview with Essence, TCG founder said that she wanted to show different aspects of beauty as the concept relates to black women. “I wanted to highlight and celebrate our unique beauty: our eyes, our lips, our cheekbones. I wanted women from different social and cultural backgrounds. I wanted women with angular eyes, women with freckles and fair skin, and women with really rich, ebony skin. It’s so important to be proud of who we are and showcase the beauty of blackness.”

Co-founder Victory Jones said, “I think I’m still overcoming experiences with colorism. You get to a point when you realize that who you are matters more than how you look, but there is still a strength that I have specifically because I live in this skin.”

These photos are absolutely beautiful, and it’s an incredibly important project. We’re following the Instagram account immediately, and we can’t wait to see what else they do.

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