Why it’s important that Kim Kardashian is being honest about her super-rough pregnancy

For some women, pregnancy is the absolutely best thing in the world. They love the feeling of growing life inside of them, they’re all about having that indescribable physical connection with their baby, they don’t mind the questions and belly rubs from other people and they’re basically just cool with all things pregnancy. And that’s amazing But that’s not the case for all women. Being pregnant involves serious bodily changes, and those changes aren’t always super comfortable. Some women just have a much harder time than others, and that’s totally OK. Because everyone’s pregnancy is different — and Kim Kardashian is no exception.

Kardashian has been receiving a lot of criticism after speaking candidly about her difficult pregnancy. She is having a rough go of it physically, and isn’t loving being pregnant this second time around.

She told E! Online, “I just don’t think pregnancy and me really agree with each other. You know, it was really hard for me to get pregnant, so I do feel really blessed that I am pregnant and, at the end of the day, it is a million times worth it.”

Kardashian was honest about how she’s been feeling. She doesn’t speak for anyone’s pregnancy but her own. “I’m really not complaining, I’m just being honest and being honest about [it],” she said. “I hate it. You know pregnancy is not for me. . . You know I’ve heard stories forever about how amazing pregnancy is from my mom and Kourtney and that’s just not the case for me, and I’m not going to sit here and lie and act like it’s the most blissful experience. It’s awful.”

With a month and a half to go until North West’s little brother arrives, Kardashian explained her nervousness about the amount of weight she has gained — which, by the way, it a totally normal thing to stress out about when you’re pregnant.

“It’s my reality and I’ve always been super honest,” she said. “You know, last time I gained 50 and I delivered around this time, you know, week wise into my pregnancy. And so I’m 52 pounds up and I still have, what six weeks to go? So I’m definitely a little nervous, but I’m enjoying it. I’ve started to eat whatever I want. I know my bounce back game is [strong]. I enjoy the process, the challenge of getting back, so I’m not worried about the afterword.”

All of Kardashian’s feelings and concerns and totally normal for a pregnant woman to have. We have to remember that everyone is different — all things in life affect everyone differently. It’s not fair to criticize or judge someone for being honest about their feelings. Kardashian certainly isn’t alone in having a hard time with pregnancy — most women just don’t talk about it publicly. Transparency is key when it comes to changing norms, and so today we give props to Kim for getting real and paving the way for more women to be honest about their pregnancy difficulties

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