17 images that will never stop being funny to women

Because it’s more fun to laugh at our problems together, than struggle through them alone.

1. The workarounds required for long hair.

2. The breakfast you actually need on your period.


3. The lost, but not forgotten.

3. The big boob (or any boob really) struggle.

4. The fact that your cleavage is basically a food-catcher.

5. The superhuman ability to stalk anyone in an instant.

6. The dedication you have as a really good friend.

7. The fact that you can really only do one of your eyebrows.


8. The problem with walking by your favorite store.

9. The importance of that last hair tie.


10. The problem with wind when you’re taking a selfie.

12. The remnants of what was your arm after testing out lipstick.

13. The fact that your pants never stay perfect.

14. The importance of base layers.


15. The way your head feels after doing this.

 16. The mess we’ve all made at least once in our lives (if not more.)

17. And finally, the reality of this difference.


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