I’m using nipple cream for my chapped lips this winter, and yes I am a genius

A few weeks ago, we ran a story about a woman who discovered the best product for your poor, downtrodden lips of winter: Lansinoh HPA nipple cream. Like, cream for women’s nipples when they get all busted up from their vampire baby sucking the life out of them. I have never used such cream because I don’t have an infant who depends on my boobs for sustenance, but I DO have chapped lips because it’s getting colder, and drier, and I don’t drink nearly enough water.

And since I love me a good beauty hack, I decided to buy a tube of Lansinoh. Why not? It’s fairly inexpensive ($9 at Walmart, and you get probably three years-worth).


Unlike a lip balm, I use this product as a treatment. As in, I apply just the tiniest bit (a dollop the size of half a lentil!) right before bedtime, and I wake up with soft, full, uncrackly lips. It’s the best trick I’ve ever learned on the internet, and as a writer for the internet I learn a LOT of things.

As for its consistency, this cream feels like vaseline but thicker. It’s unscented. It’s clear. It doesn’t taste like anything because it’s baby stomach-friendly. It goes on smoothly — and even gives your lip some shine, if that’s a thing you are into.

Bottom line? If you have a cranky, dry mouth, get this. You are welcome.