I’m Comfortable With Having Hair… Down There


Call it getting older, calling it finally coming into your own, but a Champagne Problem of most girls and women is that society is preaching for you to do things that are socially acceptable to your bodies for aesthetic reasons when in reality, it’s just a pain in the butt (almost literally). I know this topic is going to drive people mad, saying, “Look, no one wants to hear this,” but I am done being silent about this insanity.

I am okay with being a woman and having hair… down there. There, I said it, you guys – come and get me! I used to follow the trends – shave, pluck, electrocute – but not anymore. I don’t care if “no one finds that sexy“. Because one day, as a woman, you just wake up and go, you know what? I kinda dig my my undercarriage fur. It suits me. And why does it suit you? Because it’s natural and it’s supposed to be there. Yeesh.

I spent my whole life waiting to bloom into a woman and the moment I do, TV, movies and loud mouth boys in my class claim it’s a necessity to shave it off and be a woman in other ways. Well, not for this little Momma Bear. She has had enough of this socially acceptable “sexy how-to” guide filled with nonsense. Here I come, world. Who’s with me? (It’s totally fine if you’re not, BTW.)

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