“I’m baby” is the new viral internet phrase we never knew we needed—here’s how to use it

Looking to get out of an awkward conversation fast? Need something to explain that embarrassing last text you sent? We have just the thing. “I’m baby” is the next best meme of 2019, and it’s going to solve a lot of your problems.

“I’m baby” actually started as a frantic autocorrect, as many memes do. In March 2017, a 14-year-old girl in Montclair, California was babysitting when an intruder broke into the house. Unsure of what to do, the girl texted her mother while she and her niece hid in the bathroom. Somehow, some way, her mother responded to her daughter’s “What do I do?” text with “I’m baby.” The news report about the situation did not address the typo, but those watching certainly did.

Luckily, everything turned out okay for the mother and daughter. But that fateful, “I’m baby” text is still haunting the internet. The “I’m baby” meme lay dormant for most of 2018, and it wasn’t until earlier this year that the phrase picked up some serious steam.



Listen, we’re not entirely sure what the phrase means. All we know is that it’s a great way to dodge any and all uncomfortable situations. “Did you take out the trash?” “I’m baby.” “Why didn’t you come to my birthday party?” “I’m baby.”

And Twitter is officially running with it.


Another day, another viral phrase. We’re not sure how long this meme is going to stay relevant, so we might as well enjoy it while it lasts. I’m baby, and I’m proud.

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