This illustrator turns the stains that would ruin our day into art, and it’s actually *so* beautiful

Today in totally unexpected art, artist Saskia Wariner just gave us all the feels with her incredible watercolors. An illustrator, gif artist and cartoonist from Germany, Wariner (aka @saskdraws) creates work based on her everyday life, and this particular project has our minds *blown*, because she’s turning stains into art, and it’s actually SO BEAUTIFUL.

Here’s some of our fave art by Saskia Wariner:

1. These tea stains

See? So beautiful.

2. Wine stains

So many wine stains in our lives.

3. Beach stains

Love, love love.

4. Random stains

Realistic AF? Yep. Gorgeous AF? Also yep.

5. Palm springs stains

Ah, adventure.

6. Love stains

Truly so sweet.

7. (Even more) random stains

Because there are always more mysterious stains to be found.

8. Darkish stains

Edgy, eerie, and true as anything.

9. Hubble stains

Ooh, space!

10. Plus, this WIP!

AH! It’s like magic.

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