This illustrator turns everyday life into absolute beauty, and it’s so calming

If you’re like us and feel like your thoughts are always just going and going and going (and are so impossible to quiet down), prepare to fall in love with this magical artwork. Yelena Bryksenkova, an illustrator based in Buffalo, New York, turns the mundane things that make up our everyday lives into nothing short of totally stellar beauty. Bryksenkova is represented by Magnet Reps, a Los Angeles based illustration agency representing unique award-winning artists from across the globe, which proves that this art is absolutely not to be missed. Between the artist’s ridiculously gorgeous prints and their gorgeous Instagram feed, we’ll be scrolling all day, and it’s actually *so* calming.

Yelena Bryksenkova is our fave, and these shots show why!

1. Because working out is so much better in a pool of friends

This is adorable.

2. Because cats are everything

Yes, yes they are.

3. Because picnics are live-giving

Love it!

4. Because the world is beautiful

Such a necessary reminder.

5. Because packages are actual magic

100% true.

6. Because the best dates are cozy dates


7. Because night walks are so, so necessary

Something so calming about a midnight stroll with a pal.

8. Because there’s nothing like a good book

Nothing comes close.

9. Because birthday parties are the *best* parties

If we could have one every month, we would.

10. Because stargazing is unforgettable

And magical.

11. Because hot tea is the best way to get in tune with your ~soul~

So we have a dozen cups a day, obv.