These amazing illustrations are done using… coffee!

I didn’t think until this moment that I could possibly find more reasons to love coffee than I already do, but color me caffeinated, because these illustrations made using nothing but coffee are so stunning that I need eight bajillion of them in my apartment yesterday. Artist Maria A. Aristidou brings all of our favorite characters to life with her delicious spin on portraiture, and then shares them on her Instagram. An illustrator and cake designer by trade, she says her first coffee creation was actually a happy accident, and since then she has expanded her portfolio to include dozens of coffee portraits brought to life by five different brews.

Props to Maria for not only creating these stunningly life-like portraits, but for managing to make them without sucking down all of the coffee herself. If you got me that close to a fresh pot, believe me, the paint brush wouldn’t stand a chance. Since she began painting, her work has gotten so much attention that it even caught the eye of Hugh Laurie, who recently shared the image of himself that she painted on his Facebook page.

So what’s next for this coffee art savant? Maria has since been invited on radio cooking shows and had her art featured all over the world. She’s even taking commissions, so if you ever wanted to see a hyper-realistic, extremely caffeinated, two dimensional version of yourself, NOW IS THE TIME TO STRIKE. In the meantime we can all enjoy Maria’s awesome taste in characters from both the big and little screen that she’s already managed to capture with her unusual technique. Here’s hoping it gets viral enough that Emilia Clarke sees the Khaleesi picture, because it is probably my most favorite by far. Here are a few of the many pieces Marie has published on her Instagram:

(Images from here and here.)