A blogger actually illustrated a guide to feminism and it’s perfect

Katherine Fritz is a lot of things. She’s a writer, an illustrator and a self-described “funny feminist.”  She is also a blogger with a brilliant take on how the world perceives feminists vs. who they really are. And she so eloquently expressed her views via multiple illustrations in a recent post over at her blog “I Am Begging My Mother Not To Read This.” But first, let’s backtrack.

Fritz wrote an earlier blog post that included the Merriam-Webster definition of feminism as “advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” According to some feedback she got, that definition was “simplistic.”

“I thought for awhile about how best to respond,” she wrote later on the Huffington Post. “I thought for awhile about why I believe in the power of simple definitions. I thought for awhile about how the word ‘feminism’ has a really bad reputation, and about how a major source of negative stereotypes seems to stem from a lack of understanding about the meaning of the word. And then, I drew some pictures.”

And soon, she had created a post called “I Am a Feminist” on her blog, which hilariously and visually articulated what feminism means to her. We loved it so much, we needed to highlight some of the best parts for you all.

Here’s what Fritz says about defining herself as a feminist:

She goes on to acknowledge that the word “feminism” is often saddled with the following stereotypes: angry, bra-burning, man-hating lady who doesn’t shave her armpits OR women who spend all their time being angry on the Internet:

She goes on to knock these stereotypes down one by one:

She acknowledges that the word “feminism” has some not-so-awesome connotations for some people:

But for Katherine, feminism is the LITERAL OPPOSITE of Halloween witch-vampire monsters that scare you/make you feel like you’re sucking on the sourest of lemons:

And then she very smartly sums up her point:

“Feminism just kind of means that both men and women are people. It means that we live in a culture where sometimes people are treated unfairly because of their gender. Feminists think that is dumb. Feminists want to change that.”

Seriously, don’t you want to just give this girl the biggest smooch on the mouth. A lot of people apparently do. The Huffington Post reposted her original blog, Bustle picked up the post and UN Women retweeted it. Fritz hit a nerve—a good one—and all through a series of illustrated title cards.

In a single blog post (BE SURE TO READ THE WHOLE THING HERE) she basically addresses every single major critique of feminism with tons of smarts and an open heart, and, whereas she may not be comfortable with all the complications that have arisen within the feminist label, she’s believes in fixing the problems and she believes that feminism is a good word to help us address those problems. That’s a LOT to cover, and Fritz covered it for us beautifully (and threw in some amaze illustrations to boot.)

You bet you bottom dollar, I want to be a part of any club that you’re a member of, girl.

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