This Illinois high school assigns prom dates based on a lottery system

With all the excitement that comes from prom, one thing can sometimes be super stressful: finding a date. But we just heard that prom dates are assigned by a lotteryat Aquin High School in Illinois. And…it’s kinda intriguing.

The system is very simple: Junior and Senior boys meet in the gym to draw girls’ names, and they then ask their partner out in a skit performed in front of the entire school.

There are definitely some (major) foreseeable downsides to this tradition — which has been going on for 91 years, fyi! The obvious disadvantage is that the system takes autonomy away from students and assumes that everyone wants to attend prom with a date of the opposite sex (or…at all). Not to mention the fact that guys asking girls (and never the other way around) is pretty archaic.

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BUT, we can also see how it might encourage friendships and social interactions in a positive way — especially if not taken too seriously.

"No matter who you get, you know you’re going to have a good time," senior Korey Korosec said. "It doesn’t leave anybody out. Everyone’s welcome to join, and no one’s not going to have a date."

via giphyThe tradition was first implemented all those years ago to make sure that nobody would ever be left out or not included on their special night…and there’s admittedly something beautiful about that.

So while we definitely can see how this tradition has some room for some 2017 updates, we’re not totally saying no. Maybe it even helps spurn some unlikely friendships.

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Or at the very least, one heck of a prom story.