Matt LeBlanc had this adorable thing to say about his “Friends” BFF Matthew Perry

Joey and Chandler were inseparable on the TV show Friends – and apparently, life imitates art. Matt LeBlanc recently did a Q&A for his new show on CBS, Man With a Plan, and patiently fielded quite a few lingering questions involving the show Friends (because the Friends fandom frenzy never dies!).


Since LeBlanc’s new show is shooting on the same CBS lot as his former co-star Matthew Perry’s show The Odd Couple (one stage away, to be exact!), he was asked when he last saw Perry. “I saw him yesterday,” LeBlanc said, “He’s great. I love that guy.”

Awwww! All these years later and they still have the ultimate bromance, both on-screen and off.


According to Deadline, LeBlanc was also asked if he and Perry were still close – he replied that if he did not see Perry for five years and was put in a room with him, it would be “like I saw him yesterday. We have a shorthand. Ten years in a building with no windows and the door locked, we got to know each other pretty well.”

Joey & Chandler/Matt & Matt forever. <3

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