Comedian Iliza Shlesinger’s trailer for new Netflix special has us in absolute stitches

There’s nothing we love more than women in comedy — especially Last Comic Standing alum Iliza Shlesinger!

Whether it’s poking fun at Pinterest addicts or girls obsessing over fall, the 33-year old comedic performer never fails to make us laugh, so it’s no surprise that the brand new trailer for her upcoming Netflix special, Confirmed Kills, has us rolling on the floor laughing!

Speaking in an interview with EW about her new show, Shlesigner said:

“I felt a sense of obligation as a comedian who’s growing and as a woman to not just make fun of women, but to really take the side of a woman and do some sort of digestible feminism. I didn’t want to exclude men — I think men like my comedy because it’s all-inclusive — and I really wanted to say something smart. Of course it’s about making people laugh, but I have this incredible platform to stand up for people and to say something intelligent.”

And just how did she come up with the title of Confirmed Kills? It was all about taking her job as a comedian seriously: “It has to do with the idea that in comedy, you have to ‘kill’. My goal is to grow as a comic and always do a great job, and I’ve got such supportive fans. But I come to play, and I come to destroy.”

You can catch Confirmed Kills on Netflix on September 24, or check Iliza’s website for tour dates and ticket info. false

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