Aww, Congrats! ‘Broad City’ Star Ilana Glazer Is Pregnant With Her First Baby

"The process of birth is so traumatic and painful, and yet it's the most miraculous, surreal, real thing."

Surprise, surprise! Comedian Ilana Glazer is expecting! The glowing Broad City star is showing off her growing baby bump and talking all about momhood in Entertainment Weekly‘s April issue. “The process of birth is so traumatic and painful, and yet it’s the most miraculous, surreal, real thing,” she continued. “It’s like this perfect canvas for the paradox that is our country.” This is Glazer’s first child with husband David Rooklin; the two wed back in February 2017.

The 33-year-old comedian and actress says the timing of her pregnancy couldn’t be more “eerie” or “cosmically funny” as her newest project, a horror film, titled False Positive—slated to hit Hulu this June—follows her character, Lucy, and partner, Adrian (portrayed by Justin Theroux), as they begin IVF treatments under the care of a monstrous fertility specialist (played by Pierce Brosnan).

In the interview, she explained, the idea behind False Positive, which has been in the works for over two years, stems from this looking-glass objective of how the patriarchy is exhibited through medicine—specifically women’s medicine. 

“I think about women in America, supposedly the wealthiest nation in the world, and yet our maternal death rate is growing.” For Lucy, “[she] believes that, at a base level, she is free and in charge of her own decisions. But she’s not,” Glazer retorted. 

When it comes to her own pregnancy and birthing experience, Glazer says she feels fortunate to feel in control unlike her False Positive character.

“I’m not afraid to ask a billion questions,” she told the magazine. “There are certain trends in society of how pregnancy should look—the shoulda coulda wouldas that are put on women all the time but are so amplified in pregnancy. I’m specifically seeking out the most spiritually healthy and welcoming experience.”

Glazer also mentioned she’s grateful to be surrounded by “amazing role models for pregnancy and parenthood.”

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