Ilana Glazer Announced Her Baby’s Birth With a Super Relatable Breastfeeding Picture

Congrats to the new parents!

Ilana Glazer is a mama! The Broad City star and her husband, David Rooklin, welcomed their first child a few weeks ago, which Glazer just announced on Instagram on July 19th. Rather than make a big fuss or a sappy birth announcement (which we totally love, don’t get us wrong), Glazer opted for a candid, relatable moment with her child.

Alongside a photo breastfeeding her baby, Glazer wrote, “been breastfeedin in compression socks for the past 3 weeks, hbu?” And as evidenced by her photo, Glazer is, indeed, wearing nothing but compression socks while she feeds her little one. Compression socks can come in handy for mamas who are experiencing water retention and swelling—so we *get* it.

While we don’t know anything more about Glazer and Rooklin’s new bundle of joy, we’re hopeful that we’ll eventually learn more. The False Positive star has been snap happy with photos during pregnancy since announcing the big news in March. Since then, she’s shared numerous bump pictures on her Instagram to bring her fans along for the ride.

When she announced her pregnancy, she told Entertainment Tonight that she was asking a ton of questions about the experience. “There are certain trends in society of how pregnancy should look—the shoulda coulda wouldas that are put on women all the time but are so amplified in pregnancy. … I’m specifically seeking out the most spiritually healthy and welcoming experience.”

Perhaps she’ll eventually share what kind of experience she had with giving birth…along with her brand new baby’s name, but in the meantime, we’re absolutely loving this sweet breastfeeding moment. We *always* love seeing parents taking care of their babies!

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