Ilana Glazer confirmed her marriage news in the most “Broad City” way possible

We’ve got two words: Yaaaas queen! Because apparently, Broad City’s Ilana Glazer got married. After news leaked of her nuptials, the internet basically freaked out over the did-they-ordidn’t-they gossip. So of course, the 29-year-old funny girl took the most Broad City course of action possible and confirmed her nuptials to now-hubby David Rooklin with a hysterical Instagram post.

“We got married #whitelove,” Ilana captioned the tongue-in-cheek Instagram candid, in which she and her hubby (in their wedding getup!) look a smidge distracted. But hey, what’d you expect? A perfect kissing-at-the-altar shot? Not from this funny duo!

News first broke of Ilana and David’s big day when podcaster Phoebe Robinson posted a congratulatory pic to her Instagram. Showing a much more polished pic of the two post-“I-Do,” she wrote: “Belated congratulations to these beautiful [angels] on getting hitched. Love you hard and deep. You’re truly #RelationshipGoals and Inspire me. #YQY.”

According to Metro, the actress and her longtime boyfriend tied the knot last month in a super-secret ceremony at City Hall in New York City.

While some may be surprised by Ilana’s sudden nuptials, she and David, who’s a scientist at a company called Redesign Science, have been an item since their days as students at New York University.

Now that we ~officially~ know about the nuptials, we’d like to go ahead and extend another #YasQueen (and maybe a #YasKing?) to the happy couple.

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