Check it out: The iconic IKEA shopping bag just got a makeover

We love a good day trip to IKEA. You can get lost in the store’s maze for hours, lie down on beds and sofas after eating too many Swedish meatballs, and try your hand at pronouncing words like BÖJA and HÖLJES. Best of all, everything is so incredibly affordable, we can spruce up a room on even the smallest of budgets. The only thing we don’t love? That giant blue shopping bag you use to tote home your new purchases. (And assembling furniture, but that’s a lost cause.)

Let’s be real: IKEA shopping bags are not chic. Nobody has ever made a best-dressed list for carrying one, and nobody has ever asked to borrow yours. They cost 99 cents, and they’re strictly functional; a shopping necessity at best. But now, IKEA is changing that by giving the iconic blue bags a much-needed makeover and they look super-chic!

According to the design blog Dezeen, an architecture and design magazine, Danish design brand Hay is responsible for the new look of the shopping bag (which apparently is called the Fratka — who knew?). Hay is collaborating with IKEA on a furniture collection, and the new bag is just one part of their partnership. Instead of blue and yellow plastic, it will be made with white and forest green woven fabric. Upgrade!

“We worked with colours that we feel will be long-lasting,” said Mette Hay, a co-founder of the shop. IKEA’s new shopping bags won’t hit stores until 2017, so that gives you ample time to plan your next big IKEA haul … and coordinate a cute outfit to go with it.