IKEA just responded perfectly to Kanye West

Kanye West is definitely well-known for speaking his mind and sharing on social media. And despite the fact that he’s best known for his music, the superstar has certainly branched out into some successful other ventures like his clothing line. He’s even inspired others to dedicate their classrooms or even ice cream menus to him. .

Needless to say, he’s pretty open to outside-the-box collaborations.

So, after a particularly exciting trip to IKEA (though, let’s be honest, they’re all pretty exciting), he tweeted a pretty enthusiastic and cryptic tweet: false

When a regular person tweets that their “mind is racing with the possibilities,” it could simply mean that they’re struck with a brilliant IKEA-hack idea, or that they’re totally inspired by all the creative ways they never before thought of to save space. But since it’s Kanye, lots of people started quickly assuming that he was hinting at a possible future collaboration with the well-loved Swedish company.

It didn’t take long before IKEA responded in the most epic way.

IKEA Australia caught wind of the news and immediately created the perfect IKEA-meets-Kanye-style directions that they posted to their Facebook page.

Of course their “we could make you Famous” caption is play on all the hype surrounding the artist right now and his “Famous” song.

While we’re not exactly sure what this particular piece of furniture is (because who honestly understands IKEA directions?), but the “Yeezy” name is absolutely perfect for the artist.

People are happily hopping aboard with some ideas for the collaboration that they’re posting in response to his tweet and in the comments for some pretty magical perusing if you’ve got the time.

For now, there’s been no official talk of an actual collaboration. But if we’ve learned anything from watching Kanye West for all these years it’s that, with him, you really never know what might happen.

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