IKEA now has a ninja hot dog and it looks terrifyingly delicious

IKEA has everything you could ever think to want in your home. But it also has an excellent selection of snacks and foods you didn’t even know you wanted for your belly (shoutout to swedish meatballs). Or, at least, it has an excellent selection of surprising foods and snacks you can’t really find anywhere else.

And they’ve just upped their “surprising” food game by introducing the new all black “Ninja Dog” in IKEA Japan. And it looks, well, intriguing.

The coloration comes from the fact that both the sausage and bun contain Bamboo charcoal, which is supposed to have detoxing properties for your body. So this intense-looking snack may actually be good for you. The name comes from, obviously, the fact that its dark coloration resembles a ninja’s clothing and also from the fact that the sausage is purposely longer than the bun to resemble a ninja scroll.

While this certainly isn’t the weirdest thing we’ve ever seen food-wise, it’s certainly extremely unique in its own right. Japan has a pretty solid history of regularly experimenting on all sorts of foods which can, often, turn out pretty delicious.

So while it may not be the most visually appealing thing we’ve ever seen, it certainly is as alluring as its ninja counterparts. And, who knows, maybe it’ll have a surprise flavor that comes out of nowhere and we’ll understand fully why it has its ninja title.