Ikea and Byredo are collaborating on a mysterious line of fragrances, and we have so many questions

They say that smell is the most powerful sense of memory, and now Ikea and Byredo are collaborating on scents meant to elicit our memories of home, or really, our memories of Ikea (and hopefully all of the cafeteria meatballs we’ve ingested).

The collaboration is set to launch in 2019, so there is plenty of time to speculate on what the new fragrance line will actually smell like. But we do have a feeling that the fancy candle and perfume stylings of Byredo will have a heavy influence in the scents themselves.

The details of the collaboration are delightfully vague (and bizarre), but a press release sent to HelloGiggles revealed the basic vision is to create an original line of domestically inspired scents and perfumes,

"The collaboration aims at looking into both the role of scent in the home, the carriers and the products as well as exploring innovation in scent, how we can integrate scents in completely new ways. But we are also curious to explore the scent of Ikea, if there is one, what does Ikea smell like?"


There are many scents we can associate with Ikea: the scent of couples breaking up after fighting over a couch, the scent of freshly brewed coffee and meatballs, the scent of our own tears after a bed frame fell apart because there are no actual words on the instruction pamphlet. However, we have a feeling this collaboration will take on a sweeter, less conceptual path. Maybe it will feature the floral scents of a bouquet of flowers on the coffee table or the bright clean scents of a freshly scrubbed kitchen.

We need more details on this collaboration so we can make more accurate scent predictions ASAP.

What do YOU think Ikea’s line of perfumes should smell like?!

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