A group of moms were shamed for breastfeeding at an IHOP, and how is this still happening?

It’s 2017, people, and women are still being shamed for breastfeeding in public. Most recently, a group of moms was shamed for breastfeeding at an IHOP. What is wrong with the world that women still can’t openly use their breasts for their natural purpose, feeding babies?

Even though many moms are working to reverse this illogical societal construct, it turns out, not everyone is fighting for the same cause. This realization became all too obvious after a group of moms breastfeeding at an IHOP were allegedly humiliated not only by people in the restaurant, but by the police who were called to assist them.

Mom Tiara Wilson shared the troubling story on the Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk.

Her breastfeeding shaming tale has gone viral because of how unfair the chain of events is that follows.

Here’s what happened. Tiara and a group of moms in Aurora, Colorado, went out for pancakes at IHOP to celebrate International Pancake Day. There, three of the seven women decided to feed their babies. While they were doing so, a family of three nearby began to take photos and “make disgusting faces and snarky little remarks.” SO inappropriate.

One of the women got the manager, who agreed that the mean-spirited photo shoot was out of line. The IHOP manager called the police to come to the scene and prevented the family of bullies from leaving the premises. (Side note: What a hero!)

But just when you think justice has been served, the police throw you for a loop.

Instead of chastising the photo takers, Tiara says that the Aurora policeman told the moms off. “GO TO THE BATHROOM or USE A COVER, if you don’t want to be bothered or have pictures snapped while feeding,” she recalls him saying.

Um, no!

Tiara even says that one of her mom friends started crying at the table. THAT’S how insane it all sounded.

This caused Tiara to go off, and rightly so.

"How is this okay?" she writes on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page. "Why is it that we are still shaming mothers for feeding openly? Why do we have to go to the bathroom to feed our littles? Do you eat your food in the bathroom? No. Are you eating under a blanket? No. DO NOT TELL A MOTHER that she needs to go to the bathroom during an outing with friends to feed her little one. I am just in true disbelief that people still think it's okay to have a mother feeding in a place where we use the bathroom. How is that even sanitary?"

According to the Facebook post, the police department was currently looking into the claims at the time of publication.

Read the story in Tiara’s own words below.

We hope this is all resolved soon! Protecting breastfeeding women, not shaming them, should be one of modern society’s top priorities.

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