#IfIWereABoy: The Latest Rad Feminist Hashtag Campaign

On Tuesday, twelve Elite Daily staff members took a stand against sexism by starting the hashtag #IfIWereABoy. Beyond being the lyrics to an awesome Beyoncé song, this hashtag had a deeper message. Here’s how these female journalists described why they felt the need to participate:

So the women decided to take a stand to create the equality they believed in when they were little–when they were confident that competing for jobs and achieving your dreams had nothing to do with your gender. To do so, they answered how they would behave differently if they were men, if they were truly equal. Here are some of their  responses:

As it always is whenever a feminist hashtag takes over Twitter (I don’t even want to remember the backlash to #YesAllWomen), the reaction has been mixed. Some on Instagram have taken the opportunity to turn the conversation to one about circumcision, to highlight some of the struggles that men face as well. But amongst the differing opinions, there are certainly some who appreciate the inclusion of a Beyoncé reference as much as I do.

— Look Different (@LookDifferent) August 5, 2014

Whether or not this specific campaign ranks as a hashtag everyone should start using, it’s always encouraging to see feminist messages on social media. We listen to our friends, and when friends post about feminism, it’s an educational opportunity that we don’t have often. If just one person reflects on the state of gender equality in our world because of this campaign, or if another realizes that a way they have been behaving is sexist and stops, then the campaign has been a success.

Now for some inspiration to keep fighting for the good cause, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fierce feminist who inspired this movement:

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